About Us

About Us

Hi There! I’m Lisa. I’m from Buffalo, NY. I’m a lover of all things crafty, creative, DIY, and delicious!!! Oh yeah and puppies too! I’m the proud momma of two lil wiener dogs, Nittany and Oscar.

I love cooking and baking for my friends and family but especially WITH my friends and family. I show my greatest affection through food. If I cook or bake for you, it means I really like you!

I don’t shy away from messes (thankfully I have a husband that ALWAYS helps with the dishes!! He really IS amazing!!).

I love trying new recipes!! I’m a self taught cook. Don’t believe me?!? Try my mom’s cooking!! I started finding recipes online when I was 18 and just ran with it ever since. Now I’m a pro at spotting a good recipe and I’d love to share some with you!

Come cook with me!

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